England's Strongest Man u80kg 2023
Sunday April 23rd 2023 at Kaos Strength Gym


You can enter via our website here

Top 6 will qualify for Britain's Strongest Man u80kg

To join last year's podium Tommy Chivers, Joe Daglish and Chris Harper and qualifiers from Wales, Scotland and Ireland.



Events subject to change


Event 1

Circus DB Clean and Press for Reps in 60 seconds.
Pick your weight option

Any reps on heavier DB trumps lighter weight

Event 2

Axle Deadlift for reps in 60 seconds.
Pick your weight option

Any reps on heavier DL trumps lighter weight

Event 3

Farmers 45m. (Drop and turn every 15m)
110kg per hand

Fastest time wins.


Event 4

Yoke/Keg Carry for distance.

260kg yoke for 10m into 100kg keg for 10m and repeat for as far as possible in 75 seconds.

Furthest total distance wins.


Event 5

Sandbag Load for reps

Weight options


Any reps on heavier sandbag trumps lighter weight

England's Strongest Man Under 80kg 2023