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Sunday October 6th 2024

Kaos Strength Gym

Comp Day Schedule

8.15am Doors open

8.15am-8:45am Athlete Registration

9am Rules Meeting

10am Competition Start

£3 Spectator Ticket available on the Door


Reminder to all Spectators and Athletes there will be no on site parking available. But plenty of parking in the surrounding streets. Please be considerate of our neighbours when parking.



Mens Beginners

Mens Novice

Mens Inters



Trophies Top 3 in each category + Certificates, Competition Tshirts and Medals to all Competitors.


Event 1

Log Press for Reps. As many reps as possible in 60 seconds.Log must be cleaned and pressed overhead for a good rep. All kit allowed including Grip Tops.


Beginners 67.5kg

Novice 87.5kg

Inters 112.5kg



Event 2

Standard Deadlift for Reps.

Bar must be lifted from floor to lockout and returned to floor for Good Rep. No Bouncing. No Suits, No Sumo and no Baby Oil. All straps allowed. We will be using a power bar.


Beginners 160kg

Novice 200kg

Inters 240kg


Event 3
Sandbag to Shoulder for reps.

As many reps as possible in 60 seconds. Trump bag weights! 1 rep at heavier bag beats any at lower weight.

Beginners 80kg or 100kg

Novice 90kg or 120kg

Inters 110kg or 130kg


Event 4

Farmers 10m+10m+10m

60 second time limit.

Beginners 90kg

Novice 120kg

Inters 140kg


Event 5

Loading Race. 3 sandbags loaded over a 48" yoke from 10m
60 second time limit.

MenBeginners - 70/80/90

Novice - 90/100/110

Inters 110/120/130



Supported by

Kaos Strength Clothing


Kaos Cafe Open offering Hot and Cold Food and Drinks, plus Ice Cream, plus Discounted Competition Kit and Clothing

Entry through the Website

Contact with any question

Kaos Autumn Men's Beginners/Novice/Inters

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