Kaos Mens Beginners, Novice and Inters

November 20th at Kaos Strength Gym


Categories: Beginners, Novice and Inters

Venue: Kaos Strength Gym, Preston 

Sponsor: Kaos Clothing 



Event 1 Log Press Floor To Overhead for Reps. 

Any Cleans and Presses Allowed. Grip tops allowed. 60 second Time limit

Beginners - 67.5kg

Novice - 92.5kg

Inters - 117.5kg



Event 2 Sandbag Loading Medley

Beginners - 60/70/80

Novice - 60/80/100

Inters - 80/100/120

60 second Time limit. 48" load height.

All implements split timed.


Event 3 Deadlift Ladder. 

Axle Standard Height, Barbell Standard Height, Barbell 15" Height (big wheels)

Beginners - 180/200/230

Novice - 200/220/250

Inters - 220/240/280

60 second time limit, straps allowed, no suits.

Implements split timed. Faster time wins.



Event 4 Farmers Run 10m+ 10m

Beginners - 80kg per hand. 

Novice - 110kg per Hand 

Inters - 130kg per Hand. 

60 second Time limit, no straps, distance taken if you don't finish.



Event 5 Sandbag to Shoulder Medley 

Beginners - 60/80/100

Novice - 80/100/120

Inters - 100/120/140

60 second time limit, grip tops allowed.

Implements split timed. Faster time wins.





Enter through the Website 




If any Local Business would like to come on board and support the event please contact Kaosstrength@gmail.com

Kaos Mens Beginners/Novice/Inters