Kaos Strength Cymru brings you a 3 Hour Seminar with the Deadlift Legend Rhianon Lovelace. 
Aberdare, South Wales. 

Rhianon has absolutely dominated the World of Deadlifts, not only holding the World Record for 4 years and counting but has single handedly put nearly 100kg on the Record since she first broke it. Rhianon was the first British Woman to have hit 600lb (272kg) and has broken the Heavyweight Silver Dollar Record with 364kg. Which remains to this day the highest scoring Lb for Lb deadlift done by any woman in any sport. 

The three hour seminar will consist of a Theoretical Section, this will cover:
-The evolution of the Deadlift Form, how and why.
-What is Physical & Form Weakness, How to Diagnose it and Correct it.
-Scientific Approach to Programming and Correctly Peaking the Deadlift.
-Rest and Recovering the Deadlift. How when and why.
-Overcoming Biomechanically Disadvantages, and get them to work in your favour! 

As well as a Q&A Section

Besides her incredible Athletic Career,  Rhianon has worked with an impressive list of Athletes improving their Deadlifts. Ther Clients have ranged from Beginners, like Kaos Athlete Adam Hadfeild, who went from 180kg-300kg in less than 12 months, or Cat Anderson, who now Deadlifts double what she pulled (80kg - 160kg) in 12 months, to Elite Athletes like Rebecca Cumpsty, who's Deadlift has increased over 60kg in just over 12 months and Annabelle Chapman, with an 80kg improvement to 260kg.
These are just an example of the incredible Deadlift results coming thick and fast from working with these two talents.

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Tickets on Sale at £35 Per Person.

Socially Distanced Seminar 
Hand Sanitiser + Cleaning Stations Available

Deadlift Seminar with Rhianon Lovelace at Kaos Cymru