Welcome to the first Direct Clash Qualifier here in the UK!!


Clash is here to celebrate the Best Of The Best in Weight Category Athletes.


In 2022 Clash Finals in America handed out over $100,000 to Athletes as Prize Money with many featured of ESPN! Earn your spot in those finals here!


Organiser: Kaos Promotions in Association with Dorset Strongman


Promoter: Luke Davies and Clash 2022 Champion Rhianon Lovelace


Venue: Osprey Leisure Centre, Portland, Dorset 17th and 18th December


Classes Women U64/U82/U91 Men U80/U90/U105

Saturday All Women and Mens U80

Sunday U90s and U105



Axle/Log for reps back and forth FTOH in 75 seconds
64s – 60kg 82s – 70kg 91s 75kg 80s – 105kg 90s – 115kg 105s – 130kg

Same weight both implements.


Standard axle deadlift for reps in 60 second
64s – 145kg 82s – 155kg 91s – 165kg 80s – 225kg 90s – 245kg 105s – 265kg


Yoke/Sandbag Medley 10m yoke into 10m sandbag carry and load over yoke into yoke 10m in to sandbag carry and load over yoke

64s 180kg/60kg 82s 200kg/70kg 91s -220kg/80kg 80s – 260kg/100kg 90s 290kg/100kg 105s 320kg/120kg


Farmers 40m in total, drop and turn every 10m (4 pick ups)

64s – 70kg per hand 82s – 80kg per hand 91s – 85kg per hand
80s – 110kg per hand 90s – 120kg per hand 105s – 130kg per hand


Sandbag To Shoulder for reps in 75 seconds
64s – 70kg 82s – 80kg 91s – 80kg 80s – 100kg 90s – 100kg 105s – 120kg


Limited Numbers per Class


Cafe Available on Site


Earn your place amongst the Worlds Best and join Champions like Nicholas Cambi, Melissa Peacock, Rhianon Lovelace and Isaac Maze!


Earned Never Given


Questions to Kaosstrengthpromotions@gmail.com

UK Clash Qualifier