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Deadlift Ebook

The Woman who put 100kg on the World Record explains how!


Road To A Triple World Record Ebook By Rhianon Lovelace

Detailing her approach to Prep, how they diagnosed her areas of weakness before Prep even started, and their full plan of attack to take the First British Woman to Deadlift 600lb past her own Records.


Thorough explanation of the Accessories used- the full How, Why and When.

Breaks down her Phases, and explains the full focus of each.


Her very own Velocity Charts, including her exact Training Times, and how she uses this.

Includes Warning Signs of Peaking your Deadlift, what they mean and how to avoid them.


PLUS She releases her full 10 Week Peaking Plan that she planned for the incredible lift, with Percentages and tips to follow for your own Deadlift!

Learn from the Woman who's broken the Deadlift World Record in every variation, and helped dozens of Women Deadlift 200kg+


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12 Week Off Season Program




Off-Season Training LIKE A PRO

12 Week Training Template written by one of the most decorated Strongwoman Athletes in the Sport-Rhianon Lovelace.


Focusing on Three Main Blocks

Building Raw Power

Building Explosive Power and Speed

Overall Performance


Including Injury Prevention Exercises, and and insight into the Mindset of a Pro Athlete in their Off Season!


Say Goodbye to your Weaknesses and start your 2023 Season a Level Up! 4 Day a Week Training Template With Full Instructional Breakdown included

Access to Basic Event Kit required.


Not only has Rhianon won nearly every Title there is to win, and broken more World Records than any other Athlete, Male or Female, she has also Coached some of the Worlds Best from Novice-International Champions.


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Atlas Stone Ebook


Another Invaluable Training Program + Ebook written by the 2 x Worlds Strongest Woman, 14 World Record Holder Rhianon Lovelace!


wo Session Program can be easily integrated into current

Training accompanied with a Full Ebook explaining exercises, correct Techniques, what to focus on and why!

Perfect for any athlete wanting to take their Stone Loading to the next level!

Train like the Worlds Best and start this Season a whole new Athlete!

Only £50 one off purchase for it ALL! Ebook and Program emailed within 24 hours of Purchase.

All Ebooks/Training Plans

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