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Official Strongman Britain and Ireland's Strongest Man u105kg 2024

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of June 2024 at Kaos Strength Gym


Qualify for Official Strongman Europes and Worlds


Under 80s and Under 90s will compete on the Saturday.

U105s on the Sunday,


24 Hour Weigh In at Kaos Strength Gym

Event 1 - Max Sandbag Toss over 4m

Rising weight, you go until you miss!

30 seconds to attempt each bag in each round.


Event 2 - Deadlift For Reps (trump weights)

Both bars will be out on the floor, any reps on heavier beats lighter.

Under 80s - 250kg or 300kg

Under 90s - 270kg or 320kg

Under 105s - 290kg or 340kg


Event 3 - Axle Clean and Press for Reps

Clean and Press axle as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

Under 80s - 105kg

Under 90s - 120kg

Under 105s - 135kg


Event 4 - Farmers Walk (20m drop and turn at 10)

Under 80s - 130kg

Under 90s - 140kg

Under 105s - 150kg


Event 5 - Sandbag Loading (bags set up close to platform)

Under 80s - 110/120/130/140
Under 90s - 120/130/140/150
Under 105s -130/140/150/160

Any Questions Contact

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Britain's Strongest Man u80/90/105 2024

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