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The Kaos Deadlift Suit

FITTINGS NOW AVAILABLE at @kaos_strength_gym

Designed by World Reknown Deadlifter Rhianon Lovelace, this suit brings over a decade of experience pushing the boundaries of Deadlifts. It is specifically designed to help generate and maximise power off the ground.Made with a mixture of Multiply Canvas, Heavy Duty Elastic and industrial grade velcro with cleverly placed stitching to improve propulsion, longevity and comfort.The Suit comes in its own Kaos Gift Package, along with an copy of "Rhianon Lovelace's Guide To Deadlift Suits" available exclusively with these suits.

Come down to Kaos and have your Suit fitted by our Experts. No more guess work! Our Pros will help find your perfect fit and get you started!


NOTE: Womens Measurements do fit differently than the men, any questions please message us.

2ND NOTE: These suits are very similar sizes to Metal Jack Pro suits.


Delivery is available Worldwide to be sent Tracked. Unfortunately due to the natural of processing these suits and delivery times we cannot meet our usual standard of 3-5 days, as it may be up to 3 weeks. However you will receive an email with the shipping and tracking information once shipped.

Additional sizes and colours are available on request.

Any questions please message or contact us direct through the website.

Kaos Deadlift Suit

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