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Kaos Promotions Presents

KAOS STRONGEST MASTER’S (weight classes and 50+)

Weight Categories for Over 40 Athletes + Over 50 Class.



U73kg Womens,
Open Womens,
Over 50s Womens

U105kg Mens,
Open Mens,
Over 50s Mens


Log Press For Reps. As many reps as possible in 60 seconds.


U73/O50 37.5
Opens 47.5

O50 77.5

U105 87.5
Opens 107.5



15” Deadlift For Reps

O50 120

U73 140
Opens 160kg

O50 200kg

U105 220kg
Opens 260kg?



Farmers 30m (10mx3) Approx 18" Pickup

U73/O50 70
Opens 80

U105/O50 100
Opens 120



Yoke Run 10mx2

U73/O50 150
Open 180

O50 220

U105 240
Open 300



Power Stairs
O50 70KG and 90kg

U73 80kg and 100kg

Open Womens, 90kg and 110kg

o50s 140 and 160,

u105 160 and 180

Opens 180 and 200

Each weight up 3 steps each so 6 steps in total. Fastest time wins.



24hour & Same Day Weigh Ins will be available Kaos Cafe Open all weekend Limited Spaces in each Class Entry through the Website Questions to


Kaos Strongest Masters 2024 - Weight Classes and Over 50s

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