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Welcome to the first Kaos Lb for Lb Strength Competition.

Levelling the playing field with bodyweight across the Board!

Venue Kaos Strength Gym

Date 26th May 2024

Organiser Kaos Promotions

Promoter Rhianon Lovelace

Supporting Companies Kaos Clothing and Strength Shop UK

Same Day Weigh In from 8am

Athlete Registration Closes at 9am

Competition Start 10am


Mens and Womens

Who will be crowned LB for LB Champion?!


Event 1 Axle Reps FTOH

Women's 0.7 or 1x Bodyweight

Mens 0.9 or 1.2 x Bodyweight

Any reps at the heaviest weight will beat any reps at a lighter weight.

All Kit allowed including Grip Tops.

Most Reps in 60s Floor To Overhead

Event 2 standard Deadlift Reps

Women's 2.2 or 2.8x Bodyweight

Mens 2.4 or 3x Bodyweight

All Kit Allowed including Suits.

Any reps at the heaviest weight will beat any reps at a lighter weight. No Bouncing and No Sumo.

Event 3 Max Distance Farmers

Women's 1 X Bodyweight per hand

Men 1.2 x Bodyweight per hand

Most distance covered in 10m Runs in 60s.

Any kit allowed. No straps.

Event 4 Max Bag Toss, 2kg Increments over 4m.

Women Starting at 8kg

Men Starting at 14kg

Final Score will be heaviest weight hit ÷ by Bodyweight to determine points.

Event 5

Sandbag Load for Reps over 44"

Women 60 or 80kg

Men 90kg or 110kg

Any Reps on heavier weight will beat any athletes that pick lighter weight.

Final score will be (Bag Weight X Reps) ÷ By Bodyweight to determine Points.

All Athletes will receive a Competition Top, Certificate and Medal

Top 5 to Win Prizes

Top 3 to Win Prizes and Trophies

Limited Spaces Available

Any questions please contact

Lb for Lb Strength Contest

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