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Kate Connolly


Achieved at Kaos:

2nd Europe's Strongest Woman

4th World's Strongest Woman

British Lightweight Log press Record

"l've been training at Kaos pretty much since the day it opened. It's not just the variety of equipment; its the owners and the other members of the gym that make it what it is. I've suffered so much with injuries over the last 2 years but the mental support, as well as the personal programming, has allowed me to continue. Nothing is too much for Rhi and Luke. They both want to help everyone, whatever your ability or goal. At Kaos the athletes come first and that is why it produces the best in the country." 


Annabelle Chapman

Achieved at Kaos:

1st Northern Strongest Woman

3rd England's Strongest Woman

10th World's Strongest Woman

Heavyweight British Axle press Record

"I owe my greatest achievements to Kaos. As a woman, this place has given me the confidence I need to excel in a sport that I love. The feeling you get when you walk in is like nothing I've experienced before. The power this gym holds with all of its members is infectious. Whether it be physical or mental power you walk out feeling stronger. Without Kaos and the Kaos family I know I would not be where I am today, I'm so thankful for this gym and the people involved."


Cheryl Taylor

"What can I say about Kaos? After going for over  two years now I honestly could not imagine training  at any other gym! Rhj and Luke are extremely passionate as well as have the highest standards in terms of knowledge, experience and attention to  detail!
They have done so much for me and gone above and beyond. I have done things I never thought possible yet they just pull out all the stops to see you do your absolute best. 
If you are in search of a none judgemental, friendly  insanely impressive. gym in terms of layout, top of the range kit, great atmosphere and world records held her then this is the place for you! There are always eyes in the gym almost that watchful eye to look after you that is supportive, everyone helps one another and I can hand on heart say with confidence that it was the best decision I ever made! 

Thank you Luke and doggos, thank you Kaos!"

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